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2020 Hammer/Breaker – Hydraulic KINSHOFER KSB 8


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The KSB breaker series, for excavators from 0.5-12t, benefits from a distinctive ‘mono bloc’ design, manufactured in a single piece and without any tie rods – a feature that makes the structure extremely durable and resistant to leverage during operation. The new KSB-series has a has a wide calibration range of the required oil flow for an easier setup. The tapered shape also ensures excellent visibility during operation, allowing the operator to work close to walls and other structures.

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KSB 8 for excavators from 4,5 up to 9t operating weight, with a energy of 1200J at 320kg machine weight.

Year: 2020
Make: Kinshofer
Condition: Brand New
Price: $10,995
Model: KSB 8
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